Power Projects

MAC is involved in business development related to the power industry in North America. Along with our affiliate, Marubeni Power International, Inc. , headquartered in New York City, we explore new areas of power generation, including nuclear power, delivery of utility-scale generation, including development, financing, ownership, and operation and maintenance. We also have several other affiliates in the power generation field, including Oak Creek Energy System, Inc. a wind power developer, also headquarted in San Diego, California and PIC Group of Companies a provider of maintenance and consulting service, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and Marubeni Caribbean Power, Inc., which generates significant supplies of electric power for countries in the Caribbean basin.

MAC also partners with other North American companies to develop and commercialize new energy technologies and business models in Asia together with our parent company in Japan. Working in concert with Marubeni Corporation, we are able to act as a conduit between North America and Japan for new technologies, products, and business models in the power and energy industries. In addition we continue to support ongoing gas turbine component sales and developing business for gas turbine generators in North America.


Marubeni Power International, Inc.

Marketing and development of power projects

Marubeni Caribbean Power Inc.

Holding company for power plants and power companies in the Caribbean area

Oak Creek Energy Systems Inc.

Wind energy development in the Southwestern United States

PIC Group, Inc.

Global service provider to the power generation industry